July 24, 2020

Crypto Price TV

Crypto Price TV is an app for the Apple TV, built natively with Xcode for tvOS.

It is a basic app for viewing price charts of various crypto currencies.
Select between the different currencies in the list. View them on different time intervals. The chart also displays two moving averages (50SMA and 100SMA). The price can also be converted to a desired fiat currency.

The popular chart library Charts is used to create the chart. The data is fetched from coincap.io.

What mostly separates an iOS app from a tvOS app is how they are used. On mobile devices, apps can be used to create content or handle personal data in different ways.

On tvOS, apps are mostly used for consumption, like watching a movie. It is mostly not a personal experience, but rather a shared experience. Viewing personal information on the TV is not as popular.


The main screen of the app. The view consists of the chart, a list of crypto currencies with their current price and 24 hour change, a segment control for selecting the interval and two buttons for navigating to the other views.
The crypto currency selection interface. It is a basic collection view with a search field at the top for filtering.
The rate selection interface. It is built using a table view together with a search controller at the top. When a selection is made all the prices on the main screen will be in that currency.

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