May 9, 2019

ARKAD 2016 – iOS

ARKAD is a job fair for engineering students at Lund University, organized by students. The fair is organized yearly, with new members in the project group. The fair is quite large and had over 150 companies 2016.

I was responsible for leading the development of an iOS application that was going to replace the paper catalog. The app consisted of a list of all the companies present during the fair with an ability to mark any company as a favourite and then filter those. On the company view, the user could download and view the company PDF presentation.

There was also a list of scheduled events that were planned 1 week before the fair. A feature we included was to add the event to the iOS calendar by tapping a button on the event view.

Below are a few sample screenshots of the application.

The application was built in Xcode using Swift.

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